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How do period pants work?

Period underwear typically utilises a number of fabric layers to soak your period into an absorbent core twinned with a waterproof layer to prevent leaks.

We use the most advanced fabric technology available to create super absorbent, breathable and leakproof period pants that are both slim and durable.

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How do you wash period underwear?

Rinse them off after use then put them in the washing machine at 30C. Do not use fabric softener as this will reduce absorbency. Dry them on the washing line, not in the tumble dryer.

Can I put my period pants in the washing machine with my other laundry?

Absolutely! Just remember NOT to use fabric conditioner or bleach. And line dry them afterwards.

What size should I buy?

Exactly the same size as your regular underwear. Out knickers come in “single sizes” e.g Size 16 or Size 18, not dual sizes such as 16-18. That way you can find your perfect fit and not have to compromise on them being a little tight or a little too big

To find your perfect size please see Pippy’s period pants size guide