Super absorbent period underwear

Leakproof Period Pants

Wear them all day. Hold as much as 8 tampons.

Be comfortable. Be confident.

For periods and bladder leaks

We use the most advanced fabric technology to bring you incredibly absorbent knickers that are under 2mm thin.

Stay dry

Unique push-pull one-way wicking layer to force wetness into the absorbent layers below and keep it there.

Super absorbent

Resistant to compression leakage when you sit down. Fluids are dispersed throughout the core by capillary action, eliminating the need for multiple layers (and bulkier knickers); even for heavier flows.


Breathable yet leakproof layer bonded directly to the absorbent core so fluids cannot escape.

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Liner - Coming Soon

Holds 10ml (2 tampons)
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Light Flow

Holds 15ml (3 tampons)
Moderate Flow Icon

Moderate Flow

Holds 30ml (6 tampons)
Heavy Flow Icon

Heavy Flow

Holds 40ml (8 tampons)
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Super Heavy Flow - Coming Soon

Holds 60ml (12 tampons)
Easy and convenient

All day protection

Pippy’s period knickers are available in Light, Moderate and Heavy flow and are so absorbent you can wear them all day. Our moderate flow period pants can absorb over 30ml, the same as 6 tampons. And our heavy flow knickers 40ml (8 tampons).All in a super slim knicker that can be worn, washed and re-used time and time again. They’re just pants after all.

Choose Your Flow
UK supply chain

Made in the UK

Designed and made in the UK. Our cotton jersey is knitted in Nottingham. Our elastic is from Leicester. Our period pants are made in West Sussex.

Unlike others we do not source fabrics or make our products in China.

Buy British
Be the change

Save money. Save the planet

Over 4m disposable tampons and pads are flushed down UK toilets every day and about the same go to landfill. Being up to 90% plastic they do untold damage to the environment.

And the final insult? They end up costing more money than reusables.

Source: Women’s Environmental Network

Featured reviews

I can’t believe how dry these period pants keep me. Even on my heavier days I can wear them all day. I always take a spare pair to work of course but never need them.

I really notice how much quicker these period knickers are to dry compared to the brand I used to wear. And they are so thin. My old ones used to feel a bit bulky but not these.